Real Estate Portfolio
For every asset we hold, we go through a process of research and, if applicable, execution of the transaction. Every property that is researched in our system is given projected targets in the following ares:
Cost of Purchase (CoP)
Cost of Sale (CoS)
Cost of Repair (CoR)
Repair Duration
Sale Duration
Current Market Price
After Repair Value
Return on Investment
We then use this projected data as a benchmark for the execution of the asset transaction. Every property is then scored for price and duration slippage.This is done to improve our ability to execute our transactions. It also allows us to analyze areas of change in the market that may affect our return on investment. To date we have achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 27%.

Proprietary Trading
At the time of the trade, a market benchmark and transaction costs are recorded so that all transactions will be scrutinized for performance against these benchmarks. Daily reports are generated to measure performance against all benchmarks and to track profit and loss.

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